26/09/2015 15:00 - 17:00

FOOD OF THE EARTH, from seeds to the plate



“What to eat for healthy humans and a healthy planet?”

With Christian Rémésy, nutritionist and director of research at the INRA, (National Institute for Agricultural Research), author of "Sustainable Food" and "What will we eat tomorrow?"

Given the current state of agriculture and intensive farming and pollution from various sources, it would seem essential to undertake a new transition with regard to food: by developing agro-ecology and more environmentally-friendly farming systems that are more respectful of life; by ameliorating the nutritional quality of the food supply and improving distribution channels; and by implementing a comprehensive food policy for human health and the health of the planet.

Keys to healthy and tasty food

With Dr. Martine Cotinat, gastroenterologist and hepatologist, author of "The Plate of Tricks"

"Let your food be your medicine!” Yet, the contents of our plates have often undergone many transformations and chemical additions ... What kind of diet should we choose or avoid in order to retain or regain health? How should we cook food to digest well and retain vitamins? With her experience as a gastroenterologist, Martine COTINAT provides answers to issues raised by digestive disorders and how to have a good, healthy and tasty diet.

“ Farming organic vegetables: both a commitment and a passion!”

With Guillaume Argentin, organic farmer 


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  • 26/09/2015 15:00 - 17:00

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