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Eating is (also) a cultural act

 "History of French cuisine and gastronomy"

 With Patrick RAMBOURG, historian of culinary and dietary practices, author of "History of French cuisine and gastronomy", and "Dinner’s ready ... the menu!"

From the first collections of recipes during the Middle Ages to "nouvelle cuisine" of the 1970’s-80’s, French cuisine and gastronomy have gained international recognition while becoming an important part of our cultural identity. This, in a way, is what was recognized by the UNESCO in 2010 by adding the French gastronomic meal to the intangible heritage of humanity. This success is part of a long process by which food professionals have been able to transform cooking into a true profession in the service of culinary art, while gourmets transformed it into gastronomy.

"New food fashions and their impact on society"

With Philippe STEFANINI, Doctor of biological anthropology specialized in alimentation

In light of the diet of some first peoples (the Warao, Yanomami, the Gunjibal of Australia) who nourish themselves on sustainable and nutrient-dense food, let us examine new food patterns that are beginning to develop in the West (flexitarianism, etc.). A key transversal look in order to better understand the nutrition trends of tomorrow.

"Social inclusion of those who suffer from food intolerances and food allergies via a dining experience that is good for all!"

Nadia SAMMUT, chef at the restaurant "La Fenière" in Lourmarin


It is no longer whether to live WITHOUT--gluten, lactose, etc.--but WITH new dietary proposals using choice ingredients, inspired as much by the fundamental bases of French cuisine as by the wealth of all cuisines of the world. It's by choosing the right products and cooking them with pleasure that we can all eat together.


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